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Homeowner Advertising Campaign

It may seem that people are being more frugal than ever with their money at the moment. Many are struggling, but there are also a lot of people who have been working from home as normal, actually saving money because they can’t spend it on leisure activities at the moment. These people are ready to spend money on home improvement, including decorating.

As we come out the other side of lockdown, and people become more comfortable with having tradespeople in their homes, its important that we make sure the Dulux Select Decorator brand is in front of people who are looking to have work done on their house.

What are we doing?
We are launching a £50,000 advertising campaign designed to show the expertise of a Dulux Select Decorator that will run across two main areas, home improvement magazines and the Internet.

Magazine Advertising
We know that people are more likely to purchase home and design magazines when they are considering having work done on their own home (or doing work on their own home). We want to be able to represent Select Decorators as trustworthy experts who will do the best job on a clients home.
Some of the magazines we are going to be marketing in are Ideal Home (which goes out to 320,000 people in the UK) and House Beautiful. People that read these are interested in high end spaces and décor and are more likely to hire a professional than attempt DIY.

Digital Ads
Digital ads are the best way to target people very closely, who are likely to hire a decorator. We can target specifically towards people who are looking for painters, or who are having home improvement work done. We do this by targeting key words they have searched for, or by looking at the types of websites they may be visiting. It also means we can link them DIRECTLY to the Dulux Select Decorator website where they can find a Select Decorator near them, rather than another website where they may get a less experienced decorator.
This is one example of marketing that you may not see, because you aren’t looking for a decorator. It means that every single pound spent goes directly to finding people who are more likely to hire a decorator. This may not seem as exciting as, for example, an ad in the Guardian, but will go a lot further to driving your business.

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