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Supporting each other on the issue of mental health

Our Mental Health First Aiders are supporting scheme members who could be affected by mental health challenges.

Meet some of the scheme members who’ve taken the course...

Steve Trebilcook, owner of Refresh Property Services in Dartford, took the course after seeing the effects mental illness can have on his loved ones.

He said: “Mental health is an illness very close to my heart. Having a partner that has suffered from depression along with other family members and friends I felt that the opportunity Dulux Select Decorators offered me was one not to be missed.

“Mental health affects many in different ways from mild to severe to life threatening all of which have signs that as humans we completely ignore. We all have busy lives to lead and have our own stresses to combat - daily. This course allowed me to give the time to focus on those signs and with the trainers assistance I was able to gain an understanding of what those signs represent.

“There are many warning signs and at times more than one presents itself. So being shown what to look for and how we can ‘get help’ is without doubt a huge benefit to not just me but those who require that assistance.

“From a personal experience my mother and partner both suffered from Post Natal Depression. This has helped me to come to terms with some personal issues I encountered and has also helped me to better understand what others have to endure.

“This course for me was the biggest ‘eye opener’ and allowed me to reflect positively on past life experiences and aim my focus on the present working for a better future.”

Rachel Bates, owner of Bates and Misons, attended the course in February.

Rachel, from Somerset, took the course in memory of her own dad Trevor who took his own life.

She said: “Mental health in the construction industry has been highlighted in recent years as having some of the highest number of suicides compared to other professions.

“Dulux has acknowledged the importance of first aid training in the workplace by also offering training to the Dulux Select Decorators who work on sites.

“I have to say 100% credit where credit is due here and big thanks to Dulux and the Select Decorators team for organising such an important training course.

“This course I undertook in memory of the man that loved me first and held my hand and my heart long before any child or boyfriend had their chance. This one I did for my dad.”

If you need someone to talk to at any time, reach out to one of our first aiders.

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